I Think Im Gonna Like It Here

What would you be without me

High Five!

He's Got Style

Epic Handshake

How Are You


Dodging A Punch

Knock Out Punch

Rule No.95 Concentrate

I'm Back

I don't give a damn

What is the problem?

Speak Of The Devil

Agree To Disagree

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

Take It Easy Champ. Why Don't You Stop Talking For A While

Joker transformed

joker dance

Joker blood smile

I have nothing to lose DSP

Lovely *Beep* Day We're Having, Isn't It

Danger? Hah, I Walk On The Wild Side. I Laugh In The Face Of Danger

Let's Just Take A Deep Breath And Calm Down

Please wait, Video Convertion is in progress...!