You're not a screw up

I Know Who I Am

Saavu Saathanai

Famous Is Not Being A True Hero

You're Doing Great Boy

Fine Work My Boy

His Hands Are Steady, His Form Perfect

Remember This Day Men, For It Will Be Yours For All Time

I Give You What U Want Most

I Happen To Be A Hero


Yen jaathi

Engeya irenthe ivelo naala

You Son Of A b****h, I'm In

What would you be without me

Clever Girl

Ah Come On, This Isn't The End, This Is A Whole New Beginning

Wait, I Have A Plan

Today, We're Gonna Blow This Dump

Today, We're Gonna Blow This Dump

Beneath The Man, We Find His Nucleus

Don't Worry, I'll Take Care Of It


He's The Best

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