Kanne Katethe

I Am Tired

Thiruntha matte le

I'm Gonna Zzzz

Konja nanja pecca pesuney

Sikiram vaada

Don't Give Me Excuses! Give Me Results

Kill Me I'm Here! Kill Me!

Hey, Take It Easy

Yennaley mudile da


You Know How Much I Sacrificed

Ippove kanne kattethe

Itheke illeya sir ore endu

Agree To Disagree

I'm Getting Too Old For This s**t

You were the only one nice to me

Have you seen whats it like out there

Thodeda, kille thodeda

Yen yen yenda

Yen service le ivelo kevalam

Ippo la panam kai ke vararthu kulle

Boring Routine

It'll Be Grueling, Mind Numbing And Repetitive

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